You can found Ares Consulting in all the world thanks to the many offices and little enstabilshment that opereted for it. Ares consulting is born by a team of logistical and trasport professionals and doganal consulence experts to realize an interface able to answer quickly and exaustive at all the question and business problematic of the world of the internetional delivery.

Thanks to the pluriannal experience and high qualified staff, ares consulting is able to give the best solution to reduce delivery time simplifying all the problematic of import and export of the materials with specialistic and preventive consulence and is also equipped with a specialistic division for the “dangerous goods” of logistic managment, in agree to the many international regulation for this kind of transport.

Ares consulting has a strong experience and competence into managing all customs authorizations, to protect trademarks and industrial patenting, into correct implementation of the rules of origin and a division dealing with certifications of conformity CE, REACH.